1 Star Review

My family and I visited [REDACTED] last weekend to celebrate my mother’s 50th birthday. As you can imagine, it was meant to be a fun, celebratory evening. Unfortunately, [REDACTED] is riddled with poor management and unprofessional staff, which certainly put a damper on the night.

Firstly, the table we had reserved the day before was no longer available. To their credit the lady at the front counter apologised profusely, but that didn’t change the fact we had to wait 15 minutes outside until another table was freed up.

Secondly, the wait times. I like to think I’m pretty understanding when it comes to delays in the restaurant industry, having worked in one myself. However, the fact my family had to wait for no less than an hour to receive our appetiser is unacceptable. We made a reservation for 6.30pm (which wasn’t honoured in any case), and did not receive our full meal till close to 8pm. The waiter was in a hurry and vaguely explained that Saturdays were peak hours for them, especially as it was around Mother’s Day. To that I say — on the face of it, understandable, but Saturdays are not a surprise. Neither is Mother’s Day. This should have been factored into management accordingly, and gotten more staff on board for such a weekend. 

Lastly, the food. My father ordered a beer, and it arrived flat, as did my brother’s coca cola. I requested medium-rare eye fillet steak, and was served well done. This is such a simple culinary error that it made me doubt the expertise of the chefs in the back. (On a side note – who eats well done steak? It’s a hardened monstrosity.) They did offer to replace the steak, but at that point I was at the point of starvation where I would have eaten my napkin.

We will not be returning to this establishment, and advise that anyone who is planning on dining at [REDACTED] book out at least three hours of their time in preparation for a rushed, poorly cooked meal. Although to be fair, the rest of their food was delicious.

You’ve been warned.

Friendly email

Good afternoon [REDACTED],

Thank you for your second follow-up email. Please be advised that it is not usual process for our company to use tracking for our post. This is only reserved for courier packages.

As per my previous email dated [REDACTED] and attached, you can file another copy via email.

Kind regards,


Resignation Letter


Please accept this letter as my formal notice of resignation from [REDACTED].  

I will of course honour the terms of my contract and remain on board for four more weeks commencing today. My last day at [REDACTED] will be the 4th of June, 2019.

I have been presented with the opportunity to develop my career at a different company, and have accepted the position. This would not have been possible without the ongoing support and opportunities at [REDACTED]. I am therefore thankful and appreciative of all the skills and guidance that [REDACTED] provided me. 

Additionally, it has been wonderful working with the team. I am deeply thankful to have been a part of such a dynamic, supportive group of engineers and they will be sorely missed.

I will do my best to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible, whether it be by training new staff or upskilling current staff.

Yours sincerely,


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