MJ’s Samples

I graduated with a major in Linguistics, so I’m all about languages and English, English, English.

I like to think I’m pretty alright at crafting anything you’re after. Purple prose, a persuasive letter, tear-jerkers, humour — you name it, I can do it. Even essays – can you believe I used to love writing them back in school? (yea, you probably can)

When it comes to arguments and other disagreements, I find that the aggrieved party doesn’t exactly want to read. They want to lash out and show you why they’re right, and you’re wrong. That’s why you’ll find that my writing style in that regard is pretty concise and to the point. I don’t like to mess around, because I don’t want to be messed around.

I’ve compiled an ever-growing list of samples of my own writing for various situations. Get a feel for the kind of writing that I do, see if it floats your boat.

Links to my writing:

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