How Do We Work?

How we work

MJ & Steff use their combined credentials and skills in both English and Law to provide you with top quality writing that’s guaranteed to give you the outcome you’re after.

By default, MJ & Steff will either work together on jobs or separately, depending on the size and/or complexity of your request.

If you would prefer a specific author, we encourage you to specify the author in your message.

Our process

Step 1: Initial interview

At this stage, we will collect as much information as required to craft your letter, email or other form of correspondence. During the initial interview, we can discuss costs, your budget and your other requirements.

Step 2: Draft review

We will provide you a draft copy of the work. Should any revisions be required, we will make these as soon as possible.

Step 3: Confirmation and conclusion

Once you are happy with our work, our business will be concluded. We provide additional support for 7 days after the final settlement in case you have further inquiries.

You need to provide:

  • The situation
  • The desired outcome
  • Any supporting information
  • Budget
  • Preference of writer, if any


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