There’s a good reason why writers charge the rates that they do.

As writers, we always wish to provide the best service and maintain utmost professionalism at all times. We understand that there’s always going to be criticism or clients that we just don’t click with. That’s fair enough. With that being said, there’s always going to be that one person who pushes you and pushes youContinue reading “There’s a good reason why writers charge the rates that they do.”


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We’re MJ & Steff. Find out more MJ here and find out more about Steff here. We’re deeply passionate about writing. Most importantly, we enjoy the sense of accomplishment when we help our clients achieve their personal and/or business goals.

Throughout our posts, we seek to provide our clients and fellow writers with insightful information pertaining to a variety of different subjects. You’ll find out what you should be looking for in a content writer, how to optimize content and the alleged importance of SEO (honestly, we aren’t huge fans of churning out garbage for just for the sake of SEO).

So sit back, relax and enjoy our blog content! Remember, if you’re ever in need of a writer whether its for professional business communications, negotiations, advertising/marketing or, or petty break-up letters, confrontations with your colleagues/boss/friends, we’ve got you covered. Click here to find out the various ways you can contact us.


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